During these last decades, but also before, many journalists and independent researchers have speculated about the possibility that the Elite would one day introduce technologies that could give them the possibility to interconnect and ultimately control all human beings:  their moves, their actions and ultimately, their thoughts.
Of course, such ideas have been violently refused and ridiculed in the past, dismissed as crazy or as mere sci-fi fantasies.
Unfortunately, this Orwellian nightmare is becoming a solid reality, far from what in the past looked like wild speculations.


RFID Implants are just the tip of a huge iceberg which is Technocracy, progressively and cleverly elected as the very true paradigm of this New World Order currently about to kick in.
Hence, the whole nature of this work is inherently both evil and deceptive: they know us better than they know their craft and this is the reason why this intrusion is happening with a progressive, slow and almost imperceptible pace.
They have acknowledged that before things can be socially accepted in a broader scale, people have to be progressively induced to get used to them.
As new technologies (and therefore new means) are introduced, needs can be easily manufactured such as consent.
This is the very core principle of social engineering.
It’s only when this machination happens too fast that people have still a glimpse of independent thought and react: it’s the case of Amazon’s book on Pedophilia, titled “The Pedophile’s guide to Love and Pleasure”, whose publication has caused deep and spread outrage.
Perhaps in this specific case we would need another manufactured Kinsey report.


In all other cases, this reaction is simply non existent: new paradigms are presented as natural consequences of the development of society, in a way that their hidden legacy can be easily mystified.
15 years ago, if you would go around asking people if they would willingly put their personal data (names, photographs…) on the internet, the answer would be an outrageous no, and whoever would promote this kind of idea, would look like a CIA agent involved in some obscure Echelon like project.
Today, this important goal has been accomplished and it is called Facebook, a gigantic database of accessible information (names, photographs…) and a perfect plateau for social engineering cleverly masked as a revolutionary, harmless Social Network.
Although its functions and communication possibilities are indeed useful, the price to pay seems the disappearance of liberty and privacy of the individuals: Facebook now is able to recognize and tag faces independently and it’s inherently linked with Google/Bing Maps, recognizing physical places a person has been to (in Google Maps now it is requested to put your own default location).
There is something basically identical in FourSquare, another social network that works especially through SmartPhones and permits to see via Satellite where your “friends” actually are, while similar functions are already incorporated in the solid surveillance grids of certain capitals:


Interestingly, now we can understand why nowadays through Facebook it is possible to access 90% of external websites (Twitter, Skype, Spotify, Soundcloud and many others) and why all these revolutionary services are given to us for free: the impulse to spend hours and hours looking after somebody else’s photo albums is actually stronger than the realization that this technology is actually dangerous, intrusive and addictive.
Perfectly logical then to see how smart phones and tablets are becoming so popular:




Today, eReaders such as Amazon Kindle are slowly replacing real Books (which still cannot be ultimately controlled) with an intricate system of filtered, digital formats while literally miracles can be done with the latest models of recent Apple products such as the IPad or the IPhone: HD cameras, video/music editors and players, satellite locators, WI FI, internet, everything you can think of.
In a blink of an eye you can also transform your IPhone in a digital credit card, thanks to simple applications or established services such as PayPal:


Apparently then, the disappearance of cash and a global replacement with a universal, digital currency is quite near in historical terms, and certainly these recent economic collapses are bringing us closer and closer to this reality, along with the next step in line for the globalists, the replacement of physical, solid storage systems with fast and collective online databases.
That’s what Dropbox, Drive or ICloud are really preparing the soil for: in fact, Google is about to launch the first OS that will work exclusively without a physical Hard Disk.


Get the idea? No more exclusivity on your data, everything online, untouchable, ultimately in their hands, not yours.
Let’s say that one day you wanna read a book about HAARP, but suddenly, all of your PDFs are in a online database that could crash anytime they want.
Then of course there is Wikipedia, Google, Youtube… the list is endless.
Just think about the gigantic KONY 2012 hoax to have a glimpse of the possibilities of this kind of new technologies combined.


Almost ironically, some time ago I tried to insert a line about Tower 7 on the 9/11 page in Wikipedia: the morning after it wasn’t there anymore.
Free encyclopedia?
The point then is that one day all of these services and functions will be merged in a single, unique technology, which is gonna be promoted, of course, as totally revolutionary: it’s just later than the subtle imposition is revealed.
CCTVs, Homeland Security, FEMA camps, all of this stuff is already transforming our society into a highly militarized, totalitarian plateau:


Today in the United Kingdom, if you don’t own a bank account, you can’t work, as in certain parts of the US, you can’t enter the borders if you don’t own an electronic passport.
Tomorrow? no Facebook account, no job?
In 10 years?

“Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.” Dr. Jose Delgado



As being reminded many times by all the numerous authors involved in alternative history (or “conspiracy”), symbology is most of the times the very key to understand the true nature of the power in this world, because unlike men, symbols don’t lie.

And trust me, walking this kind of path can become extremely intriguing especially once most of the blurry themes this kind of reserach covers are labelled and decoded with a solid base of facts; facts that can surely lead to many possible assumptions, indeed, which are and remain though merely interpretations of an objective reality that exists no matter how we’re gonna define it.

To use a few words then, individuals reflect things, not the contrary: that’s why our knowledge, our intellectual “vocabulary” is so crucial for our personal understanding of all life phenomena.

Therefore, in this post I am not going to expose any kind of theory or interpretation, but just a collection of facts that are with no doubt inherently linked together through a deep symbolic litteracy.

It is up to you then to come up with your own personal interpretation of some of the information and links that I am going to provide you.


A couple of weeks ago me and my girlfriend decided to take a day off and spend a night in London, UK, at the Underworld, Camden, to see Veil of Maya and another bunch of Heavy Metal bands I’m really digging at the moment in their current european tour; so, following the huge flow of scene kids with absurd stretchers and all the rest of the related fauna, we come up in front of the pub, waiting for the security guards to let us in.

Since then, nothing really major, until when, forced from a great hunger, I decided to step out of the queue and get to the other side of the road to take something to eat; what I didn’t know that in my pursuit for a cheese and tomato pizza I would have witnessed an extraordinary vision just in front of my eyes:


Just above my sight, framed in the wall of the HSBC building, a double winged, egyptian coiled serpent was staring at all the oblivious people around me (the so called caduceus)

Kinda knowing the esoteric meaning of this symbol, I had spent my whole night secretly hiding my mixture of curiosity and concern regarding what I had discovered just few hours before: why there was such an ancient and powerful symbol upon a bank, in the middle of London?

Still, as I already knew the quantity of hidden symbologies that are rampant in the famous capital, I came to the decision that I should take some of my time and investigate on how many of these hidden clues are actually embedded in our daily lives without our realization; what I have found since then is an apparently impossible and utterly shocking list of products, stories, myths, cartoons, films, books that indeed share the same themes, meanings and symbolism, all related to the imagery of the serpent/dragon and other occult references.

And despite my modest means, I have managed to collect a large number of different sources that share this kind of similarities, and I’m quite sure that if I will keep looking, the number is gonna grow and grow.


Ok, I’ll start asking a question: how many of you have read the most famous J.K. Rowling books?

Growing inbetween late 90s and the beginning of the 21st century, HP has been my beloved childhood’s escape like for other millions of kids and teenagers; it’s just recently as a grown up individual that I managed to look at the terrible quantity of hidden meanings and messages that this story provides.

Harry grows in a world divided between 3 races, the Wizards, which are good or bad, the Half Blooded/Hybrids, and the humans; all wizards possess great powers such as the hybrids but unlike mankind, which cannot see or produce magic.

In this scenario, bad Wizards such as the evil Voldemort and his followers want to enslave humanity, destroy all the good wizards, which don’t share these visions, and especially kill the half blooded, the unpure ones.

Pretty lame since now, as many other stories such LOTR share similar visions; but let’s look in detail at some lines and charachters: Voldemort is a black magician with great powers, his fellowship produce sacrificial rituals to keep him in strenght and has got a hidden language and brotherhood, with masks and high ranked people disguised in it; they control the magic world as pretend they don’t exist.

He’s a shapeshifter and can possess body and minds of people and controls a race of demons, the Dementors, which suck life out of people and cannot be seen by humans as they come from the magic dimension.

Now, guess what he looks like? A gloomy, serpentine being, whose beloved magic school is Slytherin, symbolized by the serpent again, and indeed, he has a powerful animal helper (a serpent indeed) called interestingly Nagini, a name that, for whom have studied occult symbologies, refers to the Nagas, the indian, underworld human/serpent “gods” which had above all the ability to disguise under human form.

There is an interesting caption of this last paragraph in Micheal Tsarion book “Atlantis, Alien visitation & Genetic Manipulation”, where he explains the origin of the name Nagas/Nagini.

In the books/films there is as well a famous potion that can allow people to change their shape among other things (pozione polisucco in Italian).

And the list goes on and on, as other charachters such as Draco Malfoy, A(la)stor Moody (referring to the Astor bloodline?), or Nicholas Flamel (the famous alchemist and occultist) provide similar sources, as the famous symbol of the Deathly Hallows reminds really much of the famous horus/one eyed/illluminati pyramid we all know:
So, can we really believe that J.K. Rowling, now the richest woman on earth probably, had written all of this in the famous “trip from London”? Don’t really know; many of you though will remember the Pope referring to the HP series as satanic (yes, because the vatican is not…)
Let’s remember that this book has been written in the early 90s, not in the super technological era we all live in nowadays, by a supposedly poor woman with children.
But let’s move on.
Star Wars is another famous saga tha provides a lot of this hidden references: just think that the name of the “bad guy” Anakim, and the group of spiritual masters, the Jedi, both come from ancient mistery religions: Anakim is a sinonimous of Nephilim, the “fallen ones” that have genetically corrupted the earth as referred in sources such as the famous Book of Enoch and the Bible, while Jedi is exactly the same as the name for the hidden egyptian masters Djedhi (source: The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, by M. Pinkham), which means?
Curious to know that Pitagora as well, the famous philosopher/mathematician that studied in the mistery schools in egypt, means, from the greek, “I dwell the serpent”, or something like that.
Going back to most recent fiction though, how many of you remember the famous film/series Stargate?
Well, guess what it talks about: multidimensional doorways, super intelligent, hybrid beings, pyramids, wormholes and an ancient empire where humans are enslaved to powerful “gods”.
This was 1994.
Interestingly, something pretty identical, with an even more explicit serpent symbology, is Conan the Barbarian, both the movie and cartoon series: the protagonist here is a brave man in a quest to avenge his parents death against a multidimensional, serpentine race lead by the evil Set, that seeks liberation from his dimensional cage, and that controls a powerful elite of hybrid shapeshifters and magicians that control the earth and want to lead back to the realm of the evil serpent Set.
Remind that Set was one of the most famous gods in the egyptian mythology.
Here’s an interesting caption from youtube:
The 1982 movie is basically the same; here again the same refrain, in ages where this hyperdiffusion of internet and “conspiracy stuff” couldn’t even be possible.
The list goes on and on by now: other cartoons such as GI Joe (the evil guys here are the Cobra), Dinosaucers, Dino Squad and others provide the same themes all over again, including DNA hybridization, shapeshifting capabilities, underground bases, alien interaction, mind control, money manipulation, et cetera, with much or less detail.
Remember that most of these cartoons come from the 80s/early 90s.
Here’s a couple of trailers of the quoted above:
Could be stupid to quote then some parts of Spider Man, for example the evil charachters such as Venom, Carnage or Lizard, all of them made by a heavy DNA manipulation, or for example the famous X Men; we all know here how old these series are.
In the Avengers series again the evil Skrulls are multidimensional, shapeshifting beings that want to take over the world:
The famous Simpsons as well provide a similar story in one of the episodes where, disguised as forthcoming presidents of the US, two alien shapeshifters eventually reveal themselves to Homer… but nobody believes him.
Getting further, even the famous manga Berserk in one of the early episodes provides us with an evil conqueror, member of a occult series of devil worshippers, ironically called the apostles, completely covered up with serpent like symbology that likes human flesh and has indeed shapeshifting abilities:
In the manga themes like possession, occultism, sacrifices et simila are rampant, and another pretty identical source is the as famous Naruto, whose one of the most famous characthers is the evil, black magician Orochimaru, a powerful wizard with shapeshifting and body/mind control abilities.
Again, he’s depicted as a snake.
Another well know source that provides basically identical material is the famous Visitors, a TV series very popular in the 80s from which they extracted a recent remake that talks about an evil race of being that invade the earth, and rule mankind disguising their reptilian form.
Staggering similar stories then are told in They Live and The Thing, both from the successful director (and insider, in my opinion) John Carpenter, famous as the author of the slasher Halloween among others.
In the first, an interdimensional race that possesses holographic, shapeshifting capabilities, has invaded earth disguising under a human form, and which enslave humanity with a progressive brain washing and fascist like behavior; only chosen ones with specific “glasses” can see these aliens and set humanity free from highly advanced mind control techniques (towers, et cetera) and other evil machinations.
In the second, an equipe of scientists interested in the antarctica are attacked by an unknown life force that, hidden under the ice for ages, has been able to infiltrate the genome of living beings and take their exact shape and disguise; in this film the good guy (Kurt Russel) will have to find out among his fellows who’s human and who’s the thing.
Getting along, even the first Roman Polanski film,Rosemary’s Baby talks about a satanic covenant that deceives a couple to give birth to the “son of the devil”, a hybrid baby with reptilian eyes.
Wonder why then Sharon Tate has been killed by the mind controlled family of Charles Manson, Linda Kasabian and all the others?
Interestingly, even the artist/producer Trent Reznor in his masterpiece The Downward Spiral, recorded guess where, in the mansion where Sharon Tate has been killed, gives us a song with an enigmatic title, Reptile:
“she spreads herself wide open to let the insects in
she leaves a trail of honey to show me where she’s been
she has the blood of reptile just underneath her skin
seeds from a thousand others drip down from within”
Don’t know though how much I love Nine Inch Nails…
Going further, even the famous Disney (of course as we’re talking about high levels freemasons…) productions have portrayed similar themes for example in the Aladdin movies, where the villain here is again a powerful snake/wizard with shapeshifting abilities:
Absurd, isn’t it?
Talking about videogames then specifically, a couple of ones that really blew my mind are Half Life and Doom, even though they avoid this kind of serpent like symbology, they provide us with a clear vision of a hypotethical race of interdimensional aliens/demons that “glitch” in our world through specific portals (is it still you, John Dee?).
The very first Doom has been accused of promoting satanism for this very reason as all the related symbology is super evident in the game, while in Half Life 2 we can see an hypothetical, dystopian “1984” like world controlled by interdimensional aliens.
Crazy but true, even the worldwide famous Super Mario, from which they brought up a (terrible) movie as well, talks about reptilian/dinosaur like beings that control the world, underground bases, et cetera.
Here’s the trailer for you to check:
Similar thing for the super violent Mortal Kombat and its charachter Reptile:
Coming to movies again, one of the craziest similarities to this kind of messages can be found in the 90s excellent adaptation of the H.S. thompson book Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas, where in one of the most famous scenes at the beginning, the protagonists stares at a series of reptilian like beings disguised as humans feasting in a pool of flesh and blood.
Who’s a fan of the movie knows what I’m talking about; later on, hidden in the scenes, there are even explicit “easter eggs” about satanism, the pineal gland/adrenochrome, child abuse, shapeshifting, mutants, et cetera.
Go and watch the movie if you think I’m making it up (Interesting to know as well that the guy behind this production is that same director of The Imaginarium of D. Parnassus)
This kind of Doctor Jekyll & Mr. Hide theme is exposed in the latest Hollow/holly/wood Megan Fox film Jennifer’s Body, where the “actress” is a cute and pretty usual american high school girl that although is in reality a shapeshifting demon that kills everybody and has got a tremendous blood lust.
Same theme again in the ancient epic of Beowulf, transferred onto a movie starring Angelina Jolie as an evil, serpent like shapeshifting demon that lives underground and seduces all warrios that try to kill her.
What’s really crazy going along, is that even major pop stars and bands have exposed similar themes, for example, Duran Duran’s Union of The Snake and Katy Perry’s E.T.
Read the lyrics of this last song and try not to think about any of this other stuff I’ve mentioned above:
“You’re so hypnotising
could u be the devil, could you be an angel
your touch magnetizing
feels like going floating, leave my body glowing They say be afraid
you’re not like the others, futuristic lovers
different DNA, they dont understand u You’re from a whole other/another world
a different dimension
you open my eyes
and im ready to go, lead me into the light”

At this point all of these superstars like Nicki Minaj portraied as “hybrid shapeshifters” don’t look too absurd:
Pay attention though as in this youtube sub culture it’s really easy to be deceived by home made, low quality “shapeshifting” videos, that are made by high ranked people to confuse us; I don’t wanna promote any ideology or affiliation with these theories, just provide information.
But I’ve still more to come.
The serpent/dragon theme comes back along referring to the Italian ex Prime Minister, the infamous Silvio Berlusconi, a high ranked freemason initially linked to the famous P2, but that in reality has got a different allegiances with lodges in London and a private brotherhood, called, guess how, “La Loggia del Drago”, “the Dragon’s Lodge”.
Staggering to notice how the serpent emblem comes back in his yard, linking us back to the mexican plumed serpent symbology among other things, or comes up after centuries in one of the Tudor Dynasty’s portraits:
Now, let’s see instead Alec Baldwin & friends depicted as shapeshifting, serpent like aliens that rule through the use of brainwashing media in the infamous HULU adverts:
Funny stuff, such as the Animorph books, where teenagers possess special hybrid/shapeshifting skills:
Again, one of the biggest forthcoming productions, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (the famous ancient Greek Myth and a powerful elite symbol as well), it talks about an ancient Alien agenda heavily linked to DNA manipulation, genetics, et cetera; interesting to note that another of his films, Blade Runner, talks about cloned sub humans and related stuff.
Finally, this hybrid serpent/human theme comes back as well in the BT logo, where also the Pan symbology is introduced, while in the second video, the famous politician Hugo Chavez seems quite concerned about a kind of alien presence that disguise as human on earth:
So, I assume that if you have arrived to the end of the article, you should be quite exhausted at least as I am after putting down all of this information, which far from being complete.
To keep in mind though is that I am not an historian or a acknowledged author that could speculate upon these themes nor someone that promotes the “reptilian” theory; I just wanted to collect a series of things that I thought could be interesting for the seekers of truth around us.
If you think that all of these links could lead to somewhere, I suggest you to start looking after the writings of authors such Micheal Tsarion, David Icke, William Bramley, Fritz Springmeier, Jim Marrs, Charles Fort, Jim Keith, Stewart Swerdlow, among many others, all people that have contemplated such ideas speculating on themes such as Secret Societies, Religion, Mythologies, DNA/Genetics/Mind Control, Zionism, Symbolism, N.W.O. et cetera.
We all don’t know what’s really going on except for the fact that our society is not exactly in a good shape, to use an euphemism.
So, I’ll close the article with something which is probably the most interesting caption that expresses all that’s been said during this post, the not so famous parable of the Tares.
The parable is as follows:
Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field:But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?

He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?

But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.

Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

—Matthew 13:24-30, Holy Bible, KJV
Wheat and tare look exactly the same, but are not the same, although the can cohabit together: it’s the “time of the harvest” that will bring us the actual knowledge of what’s what.
As man is symbolized by the wheat, who or what are the “tares” specifically?
Are we in a colossal, gigantic, stupid fooling game? Are we put all of this material in front of our eyes so that new age people could write books for us to buy or because they want us to be molded to these kind of themes?

I don’t know.

You decide if all of this stuff is nonsense, or not.


Living in a perennial hiatus between the blindness of obsolete religious doctrines and, on the other hand, the massive scientific nihilism of modern ideologies, Mankind is constantly bounced off in apparent atithetical positions that justify their existence only in opposition to the other.

The ones who follow are probably the most common examples I may use to explain this concept, which could be easily extended to many other similar cases.

For instance, Darwin and his (in)famous theory of evolution (1859, “Origins of Species” is first published), was utterly promoted in his time and nowadays is considered as a thesis almost everywhere especially because it brutally rejects the judeo/christian creationist vision of life on earth: what first was given by a sadistic, unpleasant bearded old man (who sent his son on earth to die on the cross… we all know the story), now is given by a chaotic, intrinsecally unintelligent system that provides all various forms of life by casual genetic modifications and the consequent struggle for existence through the survival of the fittest (we all know this story too).

Certainly a good excuse at that time to stay asleep on sunday morning, but embracing all Darwinian theories is as deceptive as promoting any major religious beliefs.

Although the apparent oddness of this statement, it is actually proven that all modern evolutionary theories are not based on facts but simply on a deep distortion of scientific evidence that served the purpose to justify a series of hidden economic/ideologic movements (the “hidden hand” of Adam Smith theories, the depopulation politics of Thomas Malthus, the horrors of Eugenetics and Nazism, and so on…); really curious then to see that C. Darwin himself stated against his theory (these are his own words: “The number of intermediate varieties which have formerly existed on Earth must be truly enormous. Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be argued against my theory.”) and still, we can find him on a daily basis in the English currency (repetition, remember, is the key for mind control…), and of course, in any publication or educational book, which avoid completely, for example, researchers such J. B. Lamarck and generally other evolutionary ipothesis, such as the whole Ortogenesis concept.

Therefore, to promote any of these statements, is to promote an ideology, a belief, a forma mentis, and not science, a series of ideas whose staggering similarities with other systems of mind control become utterly clear if we understand the real promoters behind these cultural, and not scientific, impositions.

For instance, Calvinism, one of the most extreme wings of Christianity, promoted the idea of a Man completely subdued to God, therefore whoever were born in a state of discomfort, illness or poverty, was “naturally” disgraced by God and this was a sign of his future banishment; on the contrary, whoever were born in an opposite state, was given the sign of God’s grace both for this life and the next one.

Therefore, this is the equation: if you are born poor and subjugated, it’s not because of the corruption and deprivation of society, but because of “God”, and because of this you will not be able to change your position in any way (and viceversa, of course).

But now wait a minute, what does Darwinism say, at the end of the day?

As life is originated from nothingness to chaos, species are not self connected and coexisting in balance but constantly competing against each other in a perennial struggle for existence, whose winner leads above all others because of “evolutionary” skills given by casual inner changes in the DNA: therefore, the strong always wins on the weak, and it’s not nature or choice that decides so, but chaos (read: there is nobody to blame, no reason or responsability whatsoever)

Try to take out the word “chaos” with “god” and you will have two completely identical ideologies, that have been shaped in different ways following the cultural “trends” of the moment, and spread in apparent opposition to create a “two party” system that both ways will enslave the masses, with a powerful illusion of choice.

And if the evil roots of religious blindness are the idea that man is a slave to a malevolent, selfish and absentee “God” (completely humanized), that placed “real” life in an ipothetical future paradise (or hell…), nevertheless, scientific blindness involves the absence of any kind of design and balance in all life phenomena, hence the impossibility of any trascendental value is the perfect excuse for the technocratic extermination of life we can blatantly see today.

Therefore, my thesis is that every system of power, both current or past, share a very common factor on which they base their structure: the division of Man’s self from Nature, from Oneness, both in a physical, immanent, and a spiritual, trascendental way.

Christianity has always killed whoever stated unity of all life forms, the godliness of consciousness and the absence of any deity to “worship” to achieve “salvation”, and used tools such as heaven or hell to keep people always afraid of their actions, cause sin, not casually, is always deeply connected to any natural impulse: an easy example would be Giordano Bruno, one of the true fathers of pantheism, burnt alive by the Catholic Curch in 1600.

But things don’t change at all in our modern materialistic society, who proudly refuses “God” (the people who built christianity and all other religions, are the same that provide our modern ideologies…) but then replaces it with always new captivities, such as the obsessive consumption mania that feeds our modern, corrupted capitalistic system, whose roots are the same refusal of unity with mother Nature and all of its inner equilibriums.

Two faces of the same medal, that says that true ruling power is always one, it just manifests in different ways.

Quotes & Links

Immanuel Velikovsky on Darwinism

“Most controversial is the evolutionary question. I have done a great deal of work on Darwin and can say with some assurance that Darwin did not derive his theory from nature but rather superimposed a certain philosophical world-view on nature and then spent 20 years trying to gather the facts to make it stick”

(taken off the Micheal Tsarion book “Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation“)

Pope Leo X on Jesus Christ

It has served us well, this myth of Christ…

(taken off the David Icke book “Children of the Matrix”)

Bill Hicks on Religion

Questioning Darwinian Evolution

Every period of history has got its own spirit, its mechanisms, its identity; therefore the first role of each true individual is to understand his very meaning in this Zeitgeist, in a continous struggle for awareness and independence.

Nonetheless this blog shares this exact philosophy and it’s born specifically to collect the right information to take back what’s really missing in today’s culture, a critique mind.

An ugly truth that despite its deceptive nature has first to be embraced, not denied, to preserve any hope left.

“Circle around the park, joining hands in silence
We watched the evil black the sky
The storm has ripped the shelter of illusion from our brow
This power is no mystery to us now…”

Jeff Buckley – The Sky is a Landfill